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Todd Beane - Clear Coaching

We kicked off our Holiday Special Webinar Series yesterday with TOVO Founder Todd Beane. This was the hat-trick of appearances on MSC for Todd, having previously done a podcast in 2018 and then a special guest slot at the MSC Roadshow event in Chicago in 2019. Yesterday's topic was a little different and centered around the personality and leadership capabilities of the coach, so that they can maximize the impact on culture and environment. Todd has recently written a book called 'Clear Coaching', which he wrote this year and shares insights and perspectives on the youth landscape and what we can do to improve the experience for players and families. You can order a copy of the book here.

Below is my personal favorite aspect from the webinar where Todd urges coaches not to simply repeat what they have been through as coaches and instead challenge the way sessions are organized and teaching is facilitated. "You put a coach through their own traditional training and most of them will quit within 15 minutes," is a pretty powerful statement.

You can watch the full webinar replay below:

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