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Certificate in Advanced Tactical Analysis & Coaching Methodology ⚽️ 📈 







Ignite your football analysis career with a combination of technical skills, tactical frameworks, reflection, communication and match day practice. This unique online program is specifically designed for analysts who have aspirations of working at the highest level, along with coaches who are looking at upgrading their skills alongside analysis and frameworks.  Learn at your own pace as we share expert processes from experienced professionals around decision making and specialize in merging coach philosophy, game models understanding, positional roles, scouting, match reviews, and data integration towards effective analysis processes. 

You'll emerge from this course with first-hand appreciation of the following: 

- Pressing Data (Defensive) 
- Packing Data (Attacking) 
- Set-Piece Analysis
- Match Coding 
- Game Model Design
- Scouting Frameworks
- Coach Philosophy 


Part One: Understanding the Game
Module 1: Analyst Principles 
Module 2: Coach Philosophy 
Module 3: Game Model Design
Module 4: Defining Game Principles

Part Two: Impacting the Game
Module 5: Coding the Game
Module 6: Scouting Attacking Organization
Module 7: Scouting Defensive Organization
Module 8: Scouting Transitions
Module 9: Set-Piece Analysis
Module 10: Individual Analysis
Module 11: Post-Game Analysis

Part Three: Match Assignment 

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week
Pace: Self-Paced
Course Language: English 
Certification: Certificate in Advanced Tactical Analysis & Coaching Methodology



Coach Services: 

At Modern Soccer Coach, we have always been passionate about helping coaches succeed and equip themselves with the best tools to create an elite environment conducive to success. With our experience and expertise at the professional level, along with our professional network around the world, we are confident that we can quickly familiarize ourselves with the challenges that coaches encounter with analysis. 


We can offer provide high quality support to coaches in two key areas: 

1-to-1 Coach Mentorship 

This unique program is designed for coaches who are looking at upgrading their skills on the tactical side of the game and starting to implement tactical analysis at a higher level. We share our processes around decision making and specialize in merging coach philosophy, game models, positional profiles, scouting, match reviews, and training methodology towards effective analysis processes. Before we begin our program, we tailor our insights towards what coaches are looking to improve on specifically, ensuring that personal development remains at the forefront. Limited spaces available!! Please click here for pricing. 


Help Find an Analyst!

Finding a consistent and cost-effective analysis solution is not an easy task. If you are a head coach or director and are looking for a qualified analyst or remote intern to help your analysis work flow, MSC can help you with that process. With our network of experienced analysts, we advise coaches how to find and hire the right person for the job, regardless of budget. Click here for pricing. 


Player Services: 


If you are an ambitious player looking for innovative and exciting ways to improve your performance on the pitch, alongside data and tactical analysis, we have partnered with Modern Football Analyst to provide extensive individual feedback package that will help  players gain valuable insights into their game, which allows improving processes around their daily environment that will improve understanding, accelerate development and produce results.

Package includes: 

- Positional Feedback

- Customized Development Plan

- Position Specific Training Ideas

- Highlight Video

- Goal Setting for Future Games

Click here for pricing and more information


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