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Certificate in Advanced Tactical Analysis & Coaching Methodology ⚽️ 📈

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Ignite your football analysis career with a combination of technical skills, tactical frameworks, reflection, communication and match day practice. This unique online program is specifically designed for analysts who have aspirations of working at the highest level, along with coaches who are looking at upgrading their skills alongside analysis and frameworks. Learn at your own pace as we share expert processes from experienced professionals around decision making and specialize in merging coach philosophy, game models understanding, positional roles, scouting, match reviews, and data integration towards effective analysis processes. You'll emerge from this course with first-hand appreciation of the following: - Pressing Data (Defensive) - Packing Data (Attacking) - Set-Piece Analysis - Match Coding - Game Model Design - Scouting Frameworks - Coach Philosophy Syllabus: Part One: Understanding the Game Module 1: Analyst Principles Module 2: Coach Philosophy Module 3: Game Model Design Module 4: Defining Game Principles Part Two: Impacting the Game Module 5: Coding the Game Module 6: Scouting Attacking Organization Module 7: Scouting Defensive Organization Module 8: Scouting Transitions Module 9: Set-Piece Analysis Module 10: Individual Analysis Module 11: Post-Game Analysis Part Three: Match Assignment Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per week Pace: Self-Paced Course Language: English Certification: Certificate in Advanced Tactical Analysis & Coaching Methodology

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Tactical Analysis & Coaching Group

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