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Did you enjoy the MSC webinar content this year? Well now coaches can own every single webinar presentation that we did with guests from around the world. For just over one dollar per webinar, you can personally download all twenty five webinars that we did during the 2020 lockdown. The webinar will be yours to keep. Each webinar is over one hour long and features a detailed presentation, followed by the live Q&A with the coaches in attendance. Our covered topics include youth and elite player development, sport science, tactical analysis, match preparation, goalkeeping, pressing, and other key specific areas. 
The webinars include the following presentations from some of the leading minds in the game: 


Joe Sheehan – Match Preparation vs Manchester City FA Cup Tie


Jesse Marsch - Inside the Red Bull Culture


Nolan Sheldon – Game Preparation and Remote Coaching in MLS


Istvan Beregi – Analyzing and Coaching Set-Pieces


Michael Hamilton – Creating a Competitive and Player Centered Environment


Oliver Gage – Creating a Goalscorer Using Data


Jonas Munkvold – Building a Game Model in Youth Soccer


John Wall – Marcelo Bielsa: Interchanges and Rotations


Mark O’Sullivan – Reconceptualizing Player Development


Gary Curneen - MSC Midfield Masterclass


Gary Curneen – MSC Pressing Workshop


Adin Osmanbasic – Pressing Analysis and Implementation


Joey Lombardi – Creating Your Own Game Model


Chris Little – Changing the Point of Attack (Unbalancing Phase)


 Peter Prickett – Socially Distanced Training Sessions


Jack Brazil – Improving Individuals in a Team Session


Kat Smith – Moving a Philosophy from Paper to the Grass


Liviu Bird – Daily Processes for a Tactical Analyst


Erwin Van Bennekom – Building Your Language Around your Game Model


Plamen Pantev – Networking and Coaching


Henrik Jensen – Player Development at FC Midtjylland


Goalkeeper Presentations


Rade Tanaskovic – Improving Goalkeeper Distribution


Rade Tanaskovic – Phases of Goalkeeper Development Planning


Nathan Thackerary – NC Courage Goalkeeper Development Pathway


Lloyd Yaxley – Periodization and Load Management of Goalkeeper Training


Segio Gonzalez – Goalkeeper Training vs. Goalkeeper Coaching


MSC 25 Lockdown Webinar Series

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