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MSC Online Analysis Course Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of our first ever Modern Soccer Coach online course, aimed at connecting the world of analysis to the craft of elite coaching. The 'Certificate in Tactical Analysis and Coaching Methodology' course features thirteen total modules that work through the complex world of analysis processes. This begins at understanding coach philosophy, then moves towards game model integration, opposition analysis, individual analysis, match review and includes insights like pressing data, packing data, set-piece analysis, match coding. The assignments test understanding in two areas. The first is a reflection exercise that looks at developing an awareness around strengths and areas of improvement. The second is a match day test where you can test your skills on seeing and coding the game in real time. After both are submitted successfully, the certificate will be confirmed and delivered to the individual.

The course is specifically designed for coaches who are looking at upgrading their skills alongside analysis and frameworks, along with analysts who have aspirations of working at the highest level. Through immersive tools and hands-on coursework, you’ll build a robust skillset in tactical frameworks, analytics, effective processes, and more. You’ll also learn about software and technologies that professional clubs use today.

Below are some of the highlights of the course.

Expert Insight

We have built this course with expert insight from a number of coaching and analysis professionals who operate at the cutting edge of the game from Champions League to national team level. Each module features in-depth video content that can help develop key skills and prepare for what's to come in the world of tactical analysis.

Go At Your Own Pace

Our Certificate in Tactical Analysis and Coaching Methodology course is built for coaches who have a busy schedule. The program is fully online with no set log-in times or assignment dates, so you can participate and learn anytime, anywhere.

Online Support

The online course features a unique messaging option where we will check-in to see how you are doing, as well as making ourselves available to answer any questions or discuss different elements of the course. Sometimes online courses can be challenging

Low Fee

Like all Modern Soccer Coach resources, our goal is to make this course as affordable as possible. It is priced at just $175, which includes feedback on your assignments and online support.

Below is a course breakdown

Course Breakdown:

Our course is split into two areas. The first aspect looks to understand how the tactical frameworks are created, alongside the coaching philosophy of the head coach. What if the head coach does not have a definitive game model? We also look for ways that analysts and support staff can search for clues and preferences in this specific area.

The second part of the course is about the practical element of analysis and coaching support. This level of understanding extends to opposition reports and ways to find solutions during and after games that can help improve and impact an elite environment. The course finishes with a realistic match day assignment where you can test your skills on seeing and coding the game in real time.

Part One: Understanding the Game

Module 1: Analyst Principles

Module 2: Coach Philosophy

Module 3: Game Model Design

Module 4: Defining Game Principles

Part Two: Impacting the Game

Module 5: Coding the Game

Module 6: Scouting Attacking Organization

Module 7: Scouting Defensive Organization

Module 8: Scouting Transitions

Module 9: Set-Piece Analysis

Module 10: Individual Analysis

Module 11: Post-Game Analysis

Part Three: Match Assignment

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