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Coaching Set-Pieces Effectively

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

With the increase of analysis and data within the game in recent years, there is no doubt that set-pieces have become a much sought after area to target with coaches. However, the role of set-piece coaching is still very much in its infancy within the coaching community as coaches are still looking for answers around best practice. For example, should set-piece practice be opposed or unopposed? Or how do you link set-piece principles to your game model? Or does the data support putting players on the post or not? To help coaches navigate around this side of the game, we have just released a new 'MSC Set-Piece Coach Package' which includes all the webinars and resources that we have collected in this specific area over the past couple of years with six hours of videos, plus an ebook with set-piece routines!!

In the new MSC Set-Piece Coach Package, coaches will receive download links for the following FOUR FULL webinars:

1. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Swansea City Set-Piece Coach, Andy Parslow

2. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Hungarian Football Federation analyst, Istvan Beregi

3. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Chelsea Women Opposition Analyst, Cam Meighan

4. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Oliver Gage (Canadian Premier League), Mark Spalding (Glasgow Rangers), Rade Tanaskovic (Chicago Red Stars), and Peter Ramage (Newcastle United)

In addition to the webinars, coaches will also receive an eBook: MSC 20 Attacking Corner Kick Routines, featuring routines and video breakdowns to work on with your team.

To find out more about the webinars and find out Gary Curneen's 'Three P's of Set-Piece Coaching', please check out the video below. The full presentations are available in the Set Piece Package. If you enjoy the video, please subscribe to our YouTube page so you do not miss the next one.

For the next 48 hours, we are offering a special deal for coaches with 10% OFF the MSC Set-Piece Coach Package. Just use the code SETPIECE at checkout. Click here to take advantage. This offer closes soon!!!

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