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This webinar package is a perfect resource for coaches who are looking to get more out of set-pieces with their teams. With over five hours of content and expert insight from specialist coaches in the professional game, the package includes four full webinars that break down set-piece analysis with, data, routines, player feedback and also how to link it back to the training pitch.


Coaches will receive download links for the following FOUR FULL webinars:


1. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Swansea City Set-Piece Coach, Andy Parslow

2. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Hungarian Football Federation analyst, Istvan Beregi

3. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Chelsea Women Opposition Analyst, Cam Meighan

4. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Oliver Gage (Canadian Premier League), Mark Spalding (Glasgow Rangers), Rade Tanaskovic (Chicago Red Stars), and Peter Ramage (Newcastle United)


Over five hours of content overall!!! PLUS.... in addition to the webinars download a copy of the MSC 20 Attacking Corner Kicks eBook and videos to go alongside them.

MSC Set-Piece Coach Package

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