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Veo Cam 3 Session: Attacking in Final 3rd

This week on the MSC Breakdown we have teamed up Veo as they launch the outstanding new Veo Cam 3. We were joined by Santiago Castillo, U13 and U14 academy coach at Lou City FC, who kindly shared his session plan on 'Exploiting space behind' and has recorded the session on the Veo Cam 3. . In the breakdown, Santiago discusses session design, aligning playing philosophy with exercises, coaching in flow, and the power of video review for both players and coaches.

We are excited to team up with Veo for this video and highly recommend coaches take a look at the new Veo Cam 3.  Below are some of the exciting new features:

  • Improved control range for seamless experience - faster and more stable uploads

  • Rugged design for endurance - new soft touch material guards against impact and scratches - functionality between -10C and +44C and in all weather conditions (yours is not waterproof!)

  • 5G ready for future-proofed technology - redesigned antenna optimize long range 5G signals

  • Wind noise reduction in the recordings - achieved with a more aerodynamic shell. 

  • Sharper video quality - introducing HDR (High Dynamic Range) vibrant, true-to-life colors.

  • Player Spotlight - Launches in July to support player and tactical analysis plus data insights

Below is a YouTube breakdown detailing three different patterns and we also explain the organization of each one. If you enjoy this content, please subscribe to our MSC YouTube page.

Below is the breakdown of all the exercises shown in Santiago's session with Veo Cam 3. 

Exercise One: Passing Activation

  • 5 players on the inside with a ball

  • Different variations of combination play

  • Includes releasing a 3rd player run into space

  • Runner takes the inside player's position

Exercise Two: 4v4 Transition Game

  • Players split into two teams

  • Both teams start with one forward and one defender in each half

  • Two more supporting players arrive from each end

  • Game becomes a 4v4 with objective of scoring in mini-goals

  • If you score, you stay - if not two new players from your team enter

Exercise Three: Discovery Game

  • 3v2 into 6v5

  • Ball starts in Zone with with objective of releasing center back on the dribble with help of overload

  • As defender steps into Zone 2, movement occurs in Zone 3

  • When one forward checks into Zone 2, one midfielder sprints into Zone 3

  • Blue team can score in transition

Exercise Four: 8v8

  • Players split into two teams

  • No restrictions

  • Highlight opportunities for double movement and front three movement in final 3rd

Exercise Five: 4v4+4 Penalty Box Game

  • Four servers, four attackers, four defenders

  • Eight balls per team

  • Attackers looking to create shooting opportunities

  • If defenders win the ball, they can play to servers

  • Quick fire finishing and use defender to 'screen'

You can also watch the full session below:

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