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Scanning: Drills and Principles

As increasing levels of information and education reach the coaching community, we are more aware than ever in the importance of scanning and decision making, particularly when it comes to player development. However, while the research in this area has grown, the understanding around implementation and training methodology has arguably still to catch up. In this week's MSC Breakdown, we go back to an interview that we did in 2021 with Karl Marius Aksum. Karl has PhD in Visual Perception in Elite Football. He also has a Master's Degree in Coaching and Psychology and wrote his Master's thesis on visual perception in real football match play on AFC Ajax players, aged 14-20, from where he received the highest possible grade. He also has a Bachelor's Degree in Football Coaching. We look at some of the principles that Karl addresses and then go to the pitch and look at what exercises are effective when looking to bring this out in a session.

Below a short clip of the interview where Karl discusses 'basic' rondos and highlights their ineffectiveness when it comes to the scanning element and the transfer to the 'real' game itself. To watch the full interview, please click here.

In the new MSC Breakdown video, we also look at three training exercises that can be implemented by coaches to help highlight scanning and decision making. Below is an example of one of these exercises that we share. These exercises are taken from our NEW MSC 20 Scanning Exercises eBook, which is available here. In the example below, twenty players are organized into four teams of five players, plus a goalkeeper for each team. The game takes place on a 30x30 yard area with one goal on each side. The objective of the game is simple: two 6x6 games take place at the same time at different directions. In the example, the red team are competing against the yellow team on Goal One and Goal Two. At the same time, the black team are competing against the blue team on Goal A and Goal B. Players are free to move anywhere in the area and there are no restrictions with touches. Play 6x3 minute games and rotate opponents each time.

To see the two additional exercises, you can watch the full MSC Breakdown on the link below. Please subscribe to our MSC YouTube page so you don't miss any of the upcoming free content.

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