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Want to help improve your players' vision and awareness on the pitch? With more research and information surrounding the game than ever before, there is no doubt that the connection between scanning ability and elite performance has become a strong one in the modern game. This eBook provides ideas and inspiration for coaches that can challenge and help players of all abilities in this specific area of the game. The twenty exercises include a variety of warm-up exercises, rondo drills, and small-sided games that put decision making and awareness at the forefront. In addition to the eBook, coaches will also be provided with 20 short video animations that break down each exercise in terms of organization and structure. 

MSC 20 Scanning Training Exercises eBook

  • This is a PDF file that will be available to download once purchased. You will also receive an email with links to download that will be available for 30 days. If you have not downloaded the ebook by the 30 days, contact us and we will send new links.

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