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Is Life-Balance Achievable in Coaching?

There is no doubt that pressure and time demands on coaches are making it an increasingly difficult profession to navigate through. In recent weeks, there have been excellent articles on Training Ground Guru and The Athletic with Carla Ward where the topic of family and life-balance were discussed in detail and this seemed impact on the coaching community. We decided to dedicate a full MSC Podcast episode to this topic and shared the expertise of Candice Fabry, Founder of Fearless and Capable. Candice has created a female-led mentorship program for women working in sport and has also extensive experience on the touchline as a coach and coach educator. In the interview she discusses ways that coaches can prioritize, manage, and communicate better with their families and their staff when managing the pressure and stress of leadership.

Below is a short clip from the interview where Candice discusses the perspectives of Sir Bobby Robson, Emma Hayes, and Brendan Rodgers. Although each coach stresses the importance of family and quality of life, they all have a different perspective on how to best manage it individually. Candice gives a fantastic assessment of what are some key takeaways from each one and how we can transfer them to every level of coaching.

You can watch the full episode below or listen and subscribe on iTunes by clicking here.

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