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Gary Curneen: Center Forward Analysis

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Recently I took a look at some center forward trends that I have seen develop in recent years. I used my Modern Soccer Coach: Position-Specific Training book from 2014 as a reference to how the game is continuing to change and evolve. When I wrote the book I created a 'performance wheel' for each position, looking at the requirements and aspects of the game that players will need to focus on in the development. When I review my work however, I see that a small percentage of this is potentially outdated when you are trying to develop goal-scorers at the highest level. Is attempting to create the ultimate number nine actually counter-productive to teams and individuals? This is what I want to take a closer look at and instead reflect upon three specific areas that I would focus my attention on today.

Below is a short preview of the full webinar:

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