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FREE Forwards Positional Training Webinar

Yesterday Gary Curneen joined coaches on a live webinar to discuss positional training and how to facilitate realistic forward practices into a weekly schedule for a team. In this webinar he shared some of the work and variations of exercises that he has done with the players at Racing Louisville FC. The goal of the webinar is to look at ways to connect the role of objective date with consistent high-quality practices, that allow players to see and engage in the process.

Gary has also just released a new Ebook detailing 25 Position-Specific Training Exercises for Forwards which is based around the work that he has done over the past three years. The book shares exercises and breakdowns on ways to keep sessions fresh and realistic, as well as the principles that Gary personally adheres to for this type of positional training. You can order a copy of the Ebook here.

Below is a copy of the webinar.

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