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Drewe Broughton - Vulnerability & Fear in Coaching

Yesterday we were joined by former professional player and now international speaker and coach, Drewe Broughton, to talk about a side of the game that does not get a lot of exposure on coaching courses or in the books that we read. I've followed Drewe's work for a few years now and really enjoyed his podcast series, so I was excited to get him on to discuss the aspects in the game that he feels need addressed. Similar to Paul McVeigh's interview last month, Drewe does not believe that we are as far along as we should be when it comes to the mental side of the game.

I really enjoyed the conversation around 'fear' holding players and coaches back. So often we are guilty of a reliance on redundant behaviors that we know will not take us to the next level, but we do them anyway because they take us away from things like judgement and discomfort. Hearing Drewe talk about how he advises his players to almost disregard the power of the coach and take responsibility for making an impact on the game is very powerful, although extremely complex to do on an individual basis. I think this interview is great for coaches to get the wheels turning both in terms of gaining perspective from the higher levels of how difficult it is, and also looking for solutions to problems that may integrate your staff, family of the player, and the personality of the player.

You can watch the full interview below.

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