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Chris Little Advancing Possession Webinar

Yesterday we were joined again by Director of Coaching at Seattle Sounders and Tacoma Defiance head coach, Chris Little. Chris presented back in April on changing the point of attack and looked at the principles around the 'Unbalancing Phase' in the club's model, taking a look at the game cues they adopt and why. Just like that presentation, he gives a phenomenal insight into the game model at the Sounders, as well as how they work alongside the players in implementing it. This presentation was focused on 'Game Cues When Looking To Advance Possession' and looks specifically at breaking the first line and engaging the second line, creating numerical superiority initially, and then creating positional and individual superiority in advanced positions, as well as players receiving the ball forward in front or behind the opposition defensive line.

Below is the first part of the webinar, where Chris shares his presentation.

After the presentation, Chris kindly stayed on to discuss it and take questions from the coaches in attendance. Below is the Q&A segment of the presentation.

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Wonderful presentation. Really enjoyed it. Thanks and good luck.

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