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Terry Connor Live Interview & Takeaways

We teamed up with the North American Irish Coaches again yesterday to interview former Wolves and Republic of Ireland coach Terry Connor. It was a really good insight into a number of areas that a lot of us did not know anything about. Personally, I loved hearing about the relationship between him and Mick McCarthy as he pointed towards them sharing "values that we hold and the way in which we approach our work" as being the key for them to work together so effectively for so long. I also enjoyed his perspective on the youth development process at Wolves and the focus areas in getting those young and talented players into the first team, as well as an insight into the big decision that they had to make as they travelled to Old Trafford in 2009.

As the questions came in, Terry gave both powerful and inspirational advice to young coaches as he described pushing two trolleys around on a Friday; one for his family and the other for 75-100 young players who they would make sandwiches for at the game the following day. Football coaching is a "long road with many ups and downs" he said, but to hear him describe these moments, you can clearly see how the passion, drive, love of youth development and long term approach towards his personal development, all helped him reach the highest level. The humility that we talk about with a lot of our guests was certainly there with Terry too. He answered every question with detail and depth, and there was a lot great feedback about this one.

You can watch the full interview and Q&A here.

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