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Ted Knutson: Coaching With Data

Yesterday we were joined by StatsBomb founder and CEO Ted Knutson for a live interview. I've been a fan of StatsBomb for while and have been both inspired by their work and their ability to challenge how coaches think about the game. Ted gives a great insight into a few fascinating areas in this interview. He discusses how Liverpool have managed to use their data and create a huge competitive advantage. Alongside the Liverpool model, Ted discusses how coaches can use the data to recruit and create player profiles. Probably my favorite topic was that of coach education and how environments must adapt to the role that data is now bringing to the game. This means that coaches must be more open, organizational structures more flexible, and the analyst must also work hard to gain trust of the staff in order to implement change. Really enjoyed Ted's perspective and if you have not yet checked out StatsBomb, please go to their website and also their videos on YouTube from previous conferences.

Below is a replay of the interview.

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