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Set-Piece Coaching with Andy Parslow

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We were recently joined on the Modern Soccer Coach Podcast by Swansea City Set-Piece Coach, Andy Parslow. Andy has also worked at AFC Wimbledon as a first-team restarts coach, as well as academy coaching at Luton, Wycombe, Watford, and Brentford. During the interview, Andy discusses his set-piece philosophy, communication with individual players, getting the balance right between creativity and accountability, as well as the art of coaching the short corner!

We are also excited to announce that Andy will join us for a webinar on Tuesday, July 26th to detail set-pieces training a little more. During the webinar, Andy will break down the processes required for building successful set-piece framework and share some insights towards session design, as well as weekly planning and review. You can register for the event here. All coaches who register will receive an on-demand copy of the webinar and have access to the replay at any time.

Below is a link to the interview. You can also listen on iTunes by clicking here.

Please join us for the MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Andy on Tuesday, July 26. Click here to reserve your spot.

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