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Role of Substitution Coach - Interview with Sammy Lander

We recently started a new segment on MSC as we have partnered up with APFA (Association of Professional Football Analysts) and we were joined by Sammy Lander to discuss the role of empowering those players, improving awareness of roles, and ways that coaches can perhaps get more energy from the bench. In the 2019/20 season, Sammy became the first game’s first specialist substitute coach with AFC Wimbledon and will share his experiences and insights during this live interview. If you would like to watch the full interview, just click here, start an account and watch for FREE!!

One of the biggest takeaways from Sammy's interview was how he pinpointed areas that many of us overlook. How often have we really studied how he talk to players about to enter the game from the bench? How many times do we really analyze whether they are physically and mentally ready to join a fat-paced match? If we really want the the substitutes to 'change the game' then Sammy is absolutely right, we should be more intentional around how processes and frameworks are structured in this area. Only then can we look to improve on them. Throughout the discussion Sammy gave tips on how to improve communication with players throughout the week, and he also extended this advice into match day itself. In the clip below, Sammy discusses how understanding individual learning styles can help staff provide 'better' information to the player and how coaches must adapt accordingly.

Another huge takeaway from the interview was Sammy's ability to tie data and analysis into his work as a Substitution Coach. There are many variables that go into assessing whether a substitute made a positive impact on a game or not, so the ability to study and assess the right numbers is crucial in his role so he can provide accurate feedback to the staff. You can tell that Sammy's background in analysis gives him a huge advantage in this area. In the interview below, Sammy talks about his "hunger" in this area of the game, enables him to "dive in" to this aspect of the game and look for those marginal gains. Without an appreciation of analysis and an enthusiasm to spend the long hours assessing all the variables, you are more likely to be drawn into one of the many bias' that can threaten the assessment of any coach involved in the game.

The top coaches in the world are always looking for an advantage for their team, but they are also open-minded in addressing areas that they may be previously overlooking. This interview provides coaches the opportunity to assess one of these areas and reflect on current processes in their environment. With Sammy's focus on analysis and his constant messaging around getting to know every player on your squad, he challenges coaches both subjectively and objectively, to maximize their time both on and off the training pitch. If you would like to enjoy the full interview, just click here, start an account and watch for FREE!!

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