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Role of Psychologist-Coach in La Liga with Kristopher O'Hare

"In a psychologist-coach role, I'm able to see things in a different manner on the training pitch and then talk to the other coaches in a language that they understand."

On the MSC Podcast, we were recently joined by Kristopher O'Hare, who has a unique coach and psychology role at Villarreal CF Academy in Spain. He discusses the intricacies of a coach-psychologist role, and how we can learn to understand and impact both in an elite environment. Kris also discusses the aspect of culture at the La Liga academy and compares it to UK/USA youth development models. Alongside the information, Kris' journey will certainly be a source of inspiration for many. The fact that he did not speak Spanish before arriving in Spain and the challenges around connecting and communicating to players and coaches, speaks volumes about his humility and determination to work and impact at the elite level.

You can watch the full interview below. It is also available on iTunes and Spotify. Please subscribe if you enjoy!!

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