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Post-Season Tactical Reports Available Now!!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

For any coaches who are looking for an independent and objective review on their playing system, Modern Soccer Coach are offering a comprehensive tactical report that takes an in-depth look at your team, both in and out of possession along with an evaluation of how the performances connect to your game model. Each report will be conducted by professional tactical analyst, Gary Curneen, and will be delivered to the coaching staff within 7 days.

Each tactical report will include the following:

- Overall Game Model Review

- Attacking Organization Strengths and Improvements

- Attacking Transition Strengths and Improvements

- Defensive Organization Strengths and Improvements

- Defensive Transition Strengths and Improvements

- Recommendations for specific positions

Each report will have a 45-minute video review which includes video breakdown of each of the four moments, along with a written summary. During the lockdown of 2020 we did a similar project and below is an example of some observations in terms of improvements of a club team in the Attacking Organization phase of the game.

If you are coach who is interested in one of our post-season independent reports, you will simply be required to submit three full games, along with a copy of your team game model.

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