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Possession Games for Small Numbers

Training numbers do not have to be a challenge that limits or eliminates the tactical work for a coach. Instead, being comfortable with small-sided games can create a marvelous opportunity for a coach to establish and communicate key tactical objectives to individuals, as well as potentially offering more individualized feedback and opportunities to connect. This week we take a look at ways that coaches can design small sided possession games to help align their Game Model with their training sessions. These examples are from our new eBook, MSC 30 Small Sided Possession Games that includes video breakdown of each exercise. You can get your copy here.

You can watch the full breakdown with tactical examples below. Please subscribe to our YouTube page here.

If you would like the organization and the details of the exercises, you can find them below.


Tactical Objective: Play Off #9 with Midfield Combinations

• 8 Players

• 12x20 yard area with four mini-goals

• 3v3 in middle with target player behind goals in attacking half

• Objective is to score in either mini-goal

• Extra point if target player assists goal

4v4 Four Goal Game

Tactical Objectives: Overload to Isolate

• 8 Players

• 25x25 yard area with a 5x5 yard zone in middle and four mini-goals

• Objective of game is for team in possession to circulate ball and open space for pass into any mini-goal for one point

• No goalkeeping allowed

• If defensive team win the ball, roles switch

• Play 4x5 minute game and keep score

3v1 (x2) Release a Runner

Tactical Objective: Using Wide Combinations to Progress into Final Third

• 8 players

• 20x20 area is split into four 10x10 zones

• Two 3v1 scenarios are created diagonally across from one another

• One ball starts in one zone for a 3v1 with the goal of releasing a runner into the vertical zone ahead after 3 passes

• Once runner receives ball, they play to other 3v1 and game continues

• Play4v4 minute games and rotate players after each one

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