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Pep Guardiola vs. Thomas Tuchel: Tactical Comparison Webinar

Yesterday we were joined on the MSC Keyframe Live Webinar by analyst and author James Wilcox to compare two of the greatest coaches in the game. Ahead of the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City, James looks at how each coach sets their team in the build, as well as looking at different rotations and unique qualities of both teams. James also discusses his new book Rotations: A Tactical Guide to Understanding Movement of Players at the Highest Level. Please check James' book out and if you enjoy this webinar, please post a positive review on social media and tag us.

We would like to thank Keyframe for teaming up with us on these FREE webinars. If you are a coach who is looking for tactical analysis software, we would highly recommend checking them out. They are one of the most efficient, effective and affordable solutions for coaches looking to build graphics and animations alongside their analysis work and are perfect for player meetings and remote learning. You can find out more about them here.

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