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Natalie Henderson - Insight's Into Unlocking Player's Potential

Yesterday we were joined by Newcastle United Lead Phase Coach & England Women’s U16’s coach Natalie Henderson to discuss 'Insights into Unlocking Player's Potential.' Natalie had presented with MSC back in April on ways in which coaches could develop individual players, both on and off the pitch. This presentation goes one step further, taking the lockdown into account and taking the perspective of a coach who wants to help players, but often cannot due to the limited contact time with players. Natalie shares her new project called the 'Player Padlock Pad' which is a player reflection journal designed to help players at every level unlock their potential as a person and a player, both technically and mentally, on and off the pitch. The information in the book is not just extremely useful for a player as they look to manage and review their own progress, but also for coaches who can find new ways and fresh ideas to work with players and inspire them throughout this time and beyond. To find out more information about the 'Player Padlock Pad' please click here.

You can watch the full webinar for a limited time below.

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