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Moritz Kossman on Session Design

We recently had Moritz Kossman as a guest on the Modern Soccer Coach Podcast to discuss session design. As a coach for Ubuntu Cape Town FC and writer for Spielverlagerung, Moritz is one of my favorite social media accounts to follow. For me, he manages to perfect the very complex skills of providing creativity in how he sets up his exercises, whilst at the same time, staying consistent with his principles. The interview was centered around how he goes about that process and I also chose four exercises (see below) that stood out to me, which I wanted to get his thoughts on.

Exercise One:

Exercise Two:

Exercise Three

Exercise Four:

To listen to the full podcast you can go to iTunes, or find it on our YouTube page below:

This podcast is brought to you again by our friends at SportsLab360, an outstanding platform designed to empower youth players to increase their Soccer IQ and allow coaches to guide player development outside of training. We have some exciting news at the break on how MSC have teamed up with them and how you can claim a special offer. Please check out their work

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