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Maximizing Attacking Throw-Ins Webinar with Aly Ismail

Last Friday we hosted another tactical webinar alongside Association of Professional Soccer Analysts (APFA) with professional coach and analyst Aly Ismail. Using his experience with the Egypt national team, Aly shared his insights and provide ideas around more effective and consistent processes in the area of attacking throw-ins. In addition to the presentation, Aly also answered questions on ways that coaches can implement these ideas effectively with their own team. You can watch the full presentation FREE on the APFA website and below are some of the takeaways.

Aly started the presentation by referencing how attacking throw-ins are connected to both the game model and the data with the teams he has worked with, and how important that connection was. I thought this was a key starting point because this enables you to develop an appreciation of the specific types of situations that the Egypt national team and Pyramids (club team) were trying to re-create from throw-ins. As Aly explains in the short clip below, the attacking organization phase was targeted as a strength to the game model, rather than just getting the ball in play and trying to create something directly in the final third. Aly shares how the numbers back up this way of thinking, but also challenges coaches to connect data to this aspect of the game. (See below)

Another takeaway from Aly's presentation was the implementation of this philosophy on the training pitch. He discussed how players like Mo Salah, who had experienced deliberate work around this area of the game at Liverpool, strengthened the buy-in from the team and raised engagement levels on the training pitch. In addition, Aly also shared the details required from each position from a throw-in. Rather everything being built around the thrower and the receiver, every player had a specific role at all times. In the short clip below, Aly points out how the wide attackers must 'pin' opposition defenders with high positions, stretching the pitch and allowing more space underneath for the pathway to restart the attack. (See below)

I would highly recommend this presentation and interview for any coaches looking at developing a better understanding of the importance of throw-ins, as well as those looking for potential ideas on how to improve current processes. The full webinar is available free on the APFA website by clicking here. Simply set-up a free account and you can watch tons of free analysis and tactical content. Don't miss out and join the soccer analysis community now!!

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