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Maurizio Sarri Attacking Throw-Ins

This week we take a look at some 'classic' footage of Maurizio Sarri working on the training pitch with his Napoli team, specifically on throw-in routines. Sarri has a reputation as a forward thinking coach and you can see in these clips just how detailed and innovative he was with his Napoli team. The training ground footage (see below) went viral a few years ago, but we have decided to re-visit the clips and do a breakdown of each routine. As you go through each of the routines (six in total) you will notice a great deal of consistency in terms of starting positions and principles. These are not 'trick plays' or something that is designed to fool the opponent, but instead they are presented as clear and effective ways to create optimal crossing opportunities when the opposition are set in a low block. You can also find a video breakdown of these on our YouTube page.

Here are three of the breakdowns below and here is a link to a FREE PDF copy of all six.

Screen & Cut-Back

Two players (#7 and #9) start alongside one another on the line of the 18-yard box, with a supporting player (#8) drawing another defender away. On the signal, the #7 and #9 switch roles, with the #9 setting a screen to prevent the marker of #7 from tracking the run. The ball is then thrown towards the goal line, for the #7 to cross the ball into the players already in the box to finish on goal. (See below)

Moving Screen

Again, players are set-up in the similar way they were for the first routines, but this time the timing of the movements are different. On the signal, the #7 and #9 move diagonally in different directions, with the #9 checking back for a second movement and setting a screen for #7. Again, the screen enables #7 to get to the goal line without an opponent and cross the ball into the players in the box to finish on goal. (See Below)

Spin & Combine

Players are set-up in the similar way they were for the previous routine, but this time another player is brought across to position themselves behind them inside the penalty box (#10). This time, on the signal, the #7 and #9 spin off on their outside shoulders and the ball is thrown towards the #10, who then combines with the #7 to cross the ball into the players in the box to finish on goal. (See below)

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