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Match Analysis & Player Feedback Webinar

I recently presented a webinar on looking at some ways in which coaching has changed in recent years, not just with the introduction of analysis and data, but also with the presentation with it. Feedback is a critical component towards development, but without the ability to achieve and sustain engagement and buy-in, the levels of progress and commitment will never be where they need to be. In this free webinar, I wanted to look at some clips from the professional game to get an insight from the players themselves on what they feel helps them with this aspect of the player-coach relationship, as well as looking at what holds them back. I also take a practical example of how I would break down a game for an individual player and what software I would use to help animate and present the clips in a way that can maximize the discussion with the player.

You can watch a short clip of the webinar below. To download the complete webinar for FREE, please click here.

I have teamed up with Keyframe for the tactical animations for this webinar. If you are interested in looking at software for your team, Keyframe is an innovative and highly affordable resource in this area that I would strongly recommend. You can check them out here. 

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