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Mark O'Sullivan: Reconceptualizing Youth Player Development

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Yesterday we teamed up North American Irish Coaches again for a presentation from Mark O'Sullivan on the environment that they have created at AIK, Swedish football club competing in Allsvenskan, the top flight of Swedish football. The model is a very unique and interesting one, especially when compared to a US model. Early selection models are one aspect that they have changed, along with the employment of a full-time values worker. I thought that was phenomenal. As a coaching community, we love talking about principles and values, but do we care about it enough to hire someone oversee that particular aspect? Probably not. I also really like Mark's points on the important of context and learning to "investigate your own environment" so that you can find ways that suit your players. The player and their learning is at the center of so much of Mark and the club's work and I would highly recommend any coach who works at the youth level to watch this presentation.

You can watch the a free trial of the presentation below. You can watch the full webinar as well as getting access to TWENTY THREE webinars that we did during the Lockdown by clicking here.

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