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Liviu Bird Game Model (Free PDF)

We were recently joined on the Modern Soccer Coach Podcast by Oly Town FC head coach, Liviu Bird, to discuss the implementation of Game Models. The focus of the discussion is around the complexity of a model and how best to implement it when a season is condensed, like perhaps a summer development league or a college season.

In the interview, Liviu gave his insights on the following areas:

- What is the first step towards planning a Game Model?

- What separates one Game Model from another?

- Where do coaches make mistakes communicating their Game Model?

- How do you judge the success of a Game Model after a game?

You can listen to the Podcast episode here or watch it on the link below.

Following the discussion, Liviu provided a breakdown of his Game Model at Oly Town FC and gave us an insight into the relation between model and methodology, in terms of planning a training session around his tactical principles.

You can download a copy of that example below.

Liviu Bird Game Model Example
Download PDF • 832KB

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