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Judah Davies MSC Podcast notes

We recently had Judah Davies on the SportLab360 podcast to discuss game models and how we can create them, train them, analyze them, and potentially differentiate ourselves with them.

Below is one of the highlights for me. We talked about how the four moments in the game are typically broken down on the training field. For example, session design in attacking organization typically involves a team starting with the ball and looking to break down an organized defensive unit towards the goal. However, Judah argued that this may not actually be realistic towards the demands of the game. Can breaking everything down be detrimental to the players as it becomes unrealistic? Is complexity actually healthy?

I think it's a great topic to explore further. Although build-up is an important component of the game, how many goals are scored directly from the goalkeeper build? It usually takes a transition or two before the majority of chances are created in a game. If this is the reality of the game why are we then:

1. Designing build-up sessions with two mini-goals at the halfway line (there is still a lot of work to do)

2. Stopping a training session when the team in possession gives it away during the build (the reaction to the mistake could be the difference in a chance created at either end)

Below would be an example of how build-up looks in a game from Real Betis. Getting over the halfway line at ease, because of the opponent's defensive structure, and then reacting quicker than their opponents to create the chance which leads to the goal.

Another aspect of the Podcast we talked about was the intensity that Liverpool have played with this season. I shared with Judah that I watched them in pre-season on their US Tour this year and was blown away from the tempo of their game. One aspect that stood out for me was the actions of assistant coach Pepijn Lijnders throughout the warm-up. Even though they did a fairly "basic" exercise, of players passing in pairs approximately ten yards apart, Lijnders was very animated throughout and seemed to be driving the speed and quality of the passes. Typically at the professional level, you don't see this level of "coaching" but perhaps it shows the detail that Liverpool have gone to with their intensity and they have that approach in everything they do. You can watch the complete warm-up on the Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform.

Finally, Judah mentioned some coaches that he found inspiration with the level of content that they posted on social media. Some of these were Moritz Kossmann, (see below) Istvan Beregi, TheFalseFullback, and Total Football Analysis.

You can listen to the full podcast here and find it on our YouTube page. This podcast is brought to you again by SportsLab360, an outstanding platform designed to empower youth players to increase their Soccer IQ and allow coaches to guide player development outside of training. Please check out their work at

Thank you for listening and supporting Modern Soccer Coach.

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