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Inside MSC Virtual HS Conference: Cody Royle

Author of the outstanding leadership books, ‘The Tough Stuff’ and ‘Where Others Won't’, Cody Royle brings an extremely powerful message and perspective to the MSC Virtual High School Conference. He works individually with elite head coaches on maximizing their potential and also spent six years as the Head Coach of Canada's national men's AFL program, which competes in international fixtures around the world, and at the tri-annual AFL International Cup.

With one of the primary objectives of the Virtual Conference being to directly impact the work of High School coaches with specific content, Cody is delivering perhaps the most under-estimated but vitally important message of the day: Managing Yourself as a Head Coach

The nature of high school coaching is that the head coach must wear a number of hats with their role. They may lack support staff, goalkeeper coaches, sport science and analysis equipment, but many still find ways to overcome these challenges and deliver high quality to their teams. It is therefore important that with such a high volume of work and such a short time in between games, that the head coach can manage themselves to maximize their leadership abilities with their players. Cody discusses the different types of stress that can weigh a coach down and impact their daily work. He also points to ways in which coaches can take care of themselves, both mentally and physically, enabling them to not only survive the rigors of the high school season, but also to 'thrive' in it. His tips and expertise in this area will help coach map out their season individually and allow them to maximize their enjoyment of it also.

Coaches: Please take advantage of our special offer and register for the Virtual Conference today!

Coaches who register will receive access to the live event, as well as a recording of all the webinar presentations. There will also be a host of special offers and opportunities from our event sponsors.

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