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Inside MSC Virtual HS Coaching Conference: Donna Fishter

When we discussed the concept of a MSC Virtual Conference for High School Coaches, Donna Fishter was the first name that I thought of. I have been familiar of Donna’s work for a number of years and have witnessed first hand how she can galvanize teams and inspire coaches around a set of common values and beliefs.

With one of the primary objectives of the Virtual Conference being to directly impact the work of High School coaches with specific content and presentations. We therefore want each presentation to resonate with every attendee and with twelve presentations throughout the day, we want each one to directly relate to situations and challenges that will appear throughout the high school season. Donna’s topic will be one that certainly does that:

‘Training Team Leaders to Impact Your Environment’

Leadership can be a huge challenge today, especially when assembling teams to compete within a short period of time. Donna will specifically look at ways that coaches can teach and facilitate leadership within their own environments, including ways to build frameworks that can help leaders thrive, establishing responsibilities that can help them grow as leaders. She also looks at ways that coaches can communicate with their leaders on a daily basis, supporting them with their responsibilities with the team and helping them deliver key and consistent messages throughout meetings and practices.

Coaches: Please take advantage of our special offer and register for the Virtual Conference today!

Coaches who register will receive access to the live event, as well as a recording of all the webinar presentations. There will also be a host of special offers and opportunities from our event sponsors.

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