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Gary Curneen Pre-Season Webinar

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Yesterday, we teamed up with our friends at KeyFrame to discuss pre-season session design. Pre-season planning can be somewhat of a daunting task. Between the sessions, the load management, and the team chemistry, it can be challenging for coaches when they are looking at how to structure their daily and weekly work. Gary Curneen shares his views and philosophies on the best ways that coaches can maximize their time with their team on the training pitch and how to design exercises to bring out exactly what you want in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological areas of the game

You can watch the full webinar below:

Please join us for our next MSC Webinar next Monday, July 19, at 2pm EST (7pm UK time) as as cover 'Analyzing and Reviewing Training Sessions.' Gary Curneen will take coaches through his own processes for how to build a framework where video analysis extends to the training field and gives ideas on how this can apply at all levels. Following a presentation, Gary will take questions and discussions from all the coaches in attendance. If you cannot make the live event, you will get a replay emailed directly to you. Please click here to register!

If you are a coach who is looking for tactical analysis software, MSC would highly recommend KeyFrame. They are one of the most efficient, effective and affordable solutions for coaches looking to build graphics and animations alongside their analysis work and are perfect for player meetings and remote learning. You can find out more about them here.

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