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Emma Hayes Live Interview

We were joined yesterday by Manager of Chelsea Women FC, Emma Hayes. I was keen to get Emma on for an interview and discuss a few different aspects. Firstly, having watched her interview at the Statsbomb Conference, I was really interested to hear about her perspective on the role of data and how she has used it at the club. I also wanted to discuss a chapter of Michael Calvin's excellent book, State Of Play, where she was featured and said something that really jumped out at me; “I like the combination of technology and process. Without a framework, opinions fly all over the place. It’s the death of an organization.” This framework was a common thread throughout the conversation as Emma gave her insight on Champions League football, weekly processes at Chelsea, and the recruitment of staff. I love how she challenges young coaches to solve football problems first and foremost, rather than a reliance on skills that will certainly help, but at the same time, will not get you three points on a Saturday.

You can watch the full interview here:

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