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Dr. Ceri Bowley - The Power of Observation

We recently got some feedback on a podcast episode that we did in June, 2019, with Head of Coaching Support for the City Football Group, Dr. Ceri Bowley on observation and coaching. Without doubt, this is one of my favorite interviews as he gives a phenomenal amount of detail and perspective into something that most of us take for granted on a daily basis. As coaches, we question a lot of things, but very rarely do we apply the same intent to what we see and how we are perceiving it. Ceri discusses how accurate observation informs the decision-making process and how what we actually see dictates how we act. Where does this hold coaches back? How can we improve on it? How does it carry forward towards session planning and team meetings? There is plenty of advice that coaches can take into their work with players, both on and off the pitch, that can improve the level of information given to players, strengthen relationships, and garner higher levels of buy-in throughout the season and beyond.

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