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Double Pass Interview

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Last week I sat down with the Double Pass team of Jared Micklos, Hans Vander Elst, Kevin Nicholson, and Stig Meylemans. Double Pass is a Belgian company that assesses and advises football clubs, (con)federations and leagues around the world, on ways in which they can optimize their talent development. In March 2020, FIFA enlisted them as a partner to roll out a new ‘Talent Development Progamme’. Double Pass make potential improvements visible on our Club & Academy Monitoring Platform (CAMP) using a unique methodology based on their scientific model and proprietary algorithms. Their experienced staff also help to implement tailor-made solutions alongside the clubs and coaches.

Below is the full interview:

If you would like to find out more about the Double Pass Master Class, which is designed to help coaches gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of running an elite football academy and optimizing its football technical management, please click here. The course is over 70 hours and includes 5 different chapters, webinars, personal mentoring, E-Modules, group work, and assessments. They currently have a special offer for coaches which ends on February 15th.

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