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Defensive Analysis of Pep's 2010 Barcelona

This is the third part of our new series of MSC Tactical Tutorial videos, where we take a specific aspect of the game and provide some analysis around video and session ideas. I've had a few requests for defensive analysis of a few teams so decided to look at arguably one of the greatest teams of all-time.... Pep Guardiola's Barcelona from 2010. How did they approach the defensive side of the game and what lessons can we learn from them as coaches. We have teamed up with Keyframe for the tactical animations for these videos. In the Tutorial I will show exactly the process I use for the video analysis, working off their website. If you are interested in looking at software for your team, Keyframe is an innovative and highly affordable resource in this area that I would strongly recommend. You can check them out here.

If you are a coach who is looking for tactical analysis software, I highly recommend KeyFrame. They are one of the most efficient, effective and affordable solutions for coaches looking to build graphics and animations alongside their analysis work and are perfect for player meetings and remote learning. You can find out more about them here.

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