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Carlon Carpenter: Tactical Analysis Frameworks for the New Season

Gary is joined by Tactical and Video Analyst from StatsBomb, Carlon Carpenter, to discuss ways that college and club coaches can plan to maximize and communicate their analysis for the upcoming season. Carlon shares his experiences as an analyst from US Youth National Team and University of Virginia, as well as his insights from StatsBomb to help coaches in the following areas:

- Make analysis work on a limited budget - Organized your staffing effectively - Link analysis to your training exercises - Communicate effectively as an analyst - Build post-game review process for the team and staff

You can watch the full interview below or you can listen to the podcast here.

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Surprisingly, Heja is actually free-to-use for your whole team, and we recommend you download it now and give it a go to save yourself some time and get your team better organised and all together this season. You can search in your App Store for Heja, or just click the link here.

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