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Building a Career as a Tactical Analyst

This week we were joined by Oliver Gage to discuss the world of analysis at the professional level, with an emphasis on how young analysts can build their resume and career effectively.

Olly has worked at the professional level for a number of years in England with Sheffield Wednesday, MLS with Houston Dynamo, and Canada with Canadian Premier League. He has also recently launched a new analysis community called APFA (Association of Professional Football Analysts) and talks about the goals and objectives of that project in this interview.

In Olly's eyes, football analysis has reached somewhat of a crossroads. Yes, with the role of data and analysis increasing at the professional level, there are more opportunities for analysts than ever have been before. However, Olly feels that the quality of analysis content online is not only bringing down the level of conversation around tactical analysis, it's also bringing down salaries and wages in the analysis field. Without a high level of detail and connection to training methodology, clubs and head coaches may have a misconception of what effective analysis is and therefore choose a lower level of financial commitment when it comes to implementing it within their environment.

During the interview however, Olly has certainly come armed with solutions. He has founded APFA (Association of Professional Football Analysts) as a way to build a higher level of quality within the industry, offer a range of educational services for aspiring analysts, provide opportunities for career progression, and address the lack of diversity in the industry.

Below are some of the highlights of that interview as Olly explains more about the new project, as well as offering career advice to aspiring young analysts. You can also listen to the full podcast interview here.

Modern Soccer Coach are excited to team up with APFA and joining their community to help provide more resources and support to people who are passionate about the tactical side of the game.

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