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Brian Kerr Interview

Yesterday, we teamed up North American Irish Coaches again to interview former Republic of Ireland manager, Brian Kerr. We discussed how coaches can still get their players to enjoy the game despite an organized approach, why he took on a team who had not won a competitive game in eight years, and compared Roy Keane to Michael Jordan from the recent Netflix documentary, and much more. With stories, anecdotes and memory for names that was highly impressive, Brian tells us at the end of the interview that "there probably wasn't much coaching discussed there". In terms of tactical periodization, systems of play, and sport science, there definitely was not. However, in terms of passion for the game, understanding people, the value of humility, and the ability to create deep and meaningful relationships within the game, this is a masterclass from a man who had some amazing experiences in the game and, most importantly, had a huge impact on those around him wherever he went.

You can watch the full interview here:

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