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Brad Friedel Live Interview

We were recently joined by legendary Premier League and US goalkeeper Brad Friedel for a live interview. Brad gave a fascinating insight into his journey at Liverpool, at a time when the culture in the Premier League was changing and clubs were adopting a more professional approach to the game in terms of lifestyle and fitness standards. Moving onto the coaching side, I really enjoyed his insight about the impact Mauricio Pochettino on him at Tottenham, along with the comparisons with Jurgen Klopp in terms of the intensity and physical demands. Bringing that perspective to his experience at New England Revolution and his advice for young coaches in how they structure their staffs, as well as making a real effort to understand the dynamics of 'managing upwards', this is a fantastic interview for coaches to listen and reflect upon.

A huge thanks to College Fit Finder for helping us set up this interview with Brad. College Fit Finder are an all-in-one recruiting technology that streamlines the recruiting process for clubs, coaches, teams, administrators and high school aged players. They do everything from player profiles, video editing,  college search database, keeping track of correspondence and camp database. In addition, they provide the club with tools that allow them to hold players account and help them. They also provide all the education about the recruiting process, on-going tech support and customer service. If you are a club or high school coach who is looking at helping your players maximize their opportunities of college scholarships and finding the right school, please click here for more information.

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