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World Cup & Player Development with Otto Addo

This week we hosted another tactical webinar alongside Association of Professional Soccer Analysts (APFA) with former Ghana head coach and current Borussia Dortmund talent coach, Otto Addo. In the first part of the interview, Otto discussed the processes around tactical preparation at the recent 2022 World Cup and the work behind the scenes with his coaching staff. In the second half of the interview, Otto shared his perspectives around elite talent development at Borussia Dortmund and talked about the role of analysis and creating the environment with world-class talents such as Jude Bellingham and Erling Haaland.

For the World Cup segment of the interview, it was fascinating to hear the details of the tactical preparation that Otto and his staff went through prior to the tournament. As he talked through a few of the key moments in the tournament, we got an insight into some of the tactical detail from the Ghana game model. Below is a clip from the Portugal v Ghana game where Ghana conceded from a transition. Here Otto breaks down the role of the central defender in the back three and how they could have potentially prevented the goal. The margins at that level are extremely small and the pace of the game is extremely fast, so these decision both in and out of possession hold so much value towards the outcome of the game. (See below)

As the conversation moved towards player development, Otto was extremely generous in sharing some perspectives around the pathway at Borussia Dortmund and the insights about one or two key individuals. In the clip below, Otto is very humble in recognizing the environment and leadership from coaches at the youth levels, before they get to him and the first team squad. However, as the conversation develops, he shares specific examples of how Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham worked around analysis and extra practice, which Otto was directly involved with. It was also interesting hearing his thoughts around the 'space' that a young player needs to develop and ways that a youth coach may facilitate this in a competitive environment. (See Below)

I would highly recommend this interview for any coaches looking at developing a better understanding of the importance of individual development, and how to manage the many variables that are involved in the professional pathway at the highest level. The full webinar is available free on the APFA website by clicking here. Simply set-up a free account and you can watch tons of free analysis and tactical content. Don't miss out and join the soccer analysis community now!!

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