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Video Podcast - Attacking Transitions

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

This is a brand new MSC feature where we have teamed up with Total Football Analysis to go into a little depth on the tactical side of the game, as well as discussing how we would apply ideas to our own teams. Podcasts are a phenomenal resource, but it can be difficult to create tactical discussions without the visuals and animations, so this is our solution to that. Our goal is to take 30 minutes with one theme and then look at top level examples and how to create realistic session ideas. Our first guest is TFA writer Cam Meighan. Cam is a U18 Analyst with Preston North End and has recently written an article on attacking transitions for the magazine. Below, he discusses Liverpool, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Red Bull Leipzig, as well as sharing his own training philosophy in this area.

After Cam's presentation I've also added my own personal thoughts on attacking transitions. I wrote in the MSC: Coaching Your 4-3-3 book, that I felt it was the most difficult aspect of the game to coach, not necessarily in terms of counter attacking, but more in the decisions of when to keep possession and build another attack before the opposition get set. I wanted to focus on firstly recognizing and working the ball out of the compressed area that the defensive team have created initially to win the ball back. Then, once the counter-press is beaten, I want to look at those aspects of width and depth that Cam referred to and see how we could take advantage of them. There is a huge element of risk in the possession aspect of attacking transition, because to beat the counter-press you invariably have to play through it – which takes technical quality from the players and courage from the coaches! Here are a few examples of this along with some session ideas below.

The Video Podcast was sponsored by Total Football Analysis which is an outstanding resource for coaches and a personal favorite of mine when it comes to tactical reading. They feature a monthly magazine, with 120+ pieces of analysis per month, along with a website which has an all-access subscription, allowing you get back access to all the magazines plus every piece of content on the site. They are offering MSC Podcast listeners a special discount code: MSC20, which gets you 20% off anything on the site up until end of April. Please go ahead and check them out here.

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