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Upcoming Live Webinar: Designing Your Game Model

Coaches are invited to join us on Thursday, March 28th, as we take an exciting and in-depth look at the complex process of building a Game Model and creating a framework that can help coaches communicate effectively with their players and staff.  Click here to reserve your place. We have discussed the aspect of game models many times on MSC Podcasts, but this will be the first event where we take an in-depth look into the process of building one to match and maximize your coaching philosophy and playing system. In addition, we will also look at important elements surrounding the model itself, such as training methodology and match analysis processes.

All coaches who register will receive a customizable Game Model Template that they can use and adapt to their own philosophy and language.

During the webinar, we will cover the following topics:      

  • Philosophy and Values  (Discover & Create It)

  • Establishing Game Principles  (Define It)

  • AliTraining Methodology  (Refine It)

  • Analysis and Review Process (Measure It)

The live webinar will take place on Thursday at 1pm EST (6pm UK time). Click here to reserve your place.

Can't make the live event? No worries! If a coach is unable to make the live session, a replay will be emailed to all participants within 24 hours of the event concluding.

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Gutted I missed it! Was it recorded?

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