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Stevie Grieve - Building a Game Model Webinar

This week we are sharing a webinar that we did in January 2018 with Stevie Grieve, Head of Analysis & Opposition Scouting Dundee United FC. Stevie kindly donated his time to share his expertise for the MSC Mentorship group that we had in our program. At this stage of the program we were looking at moving our philosophy from theory to practice, and creating our game models with our own team and objectives in mind. Stevie does a fantastic job with the coaching community and has further resources available at Onside Soccer Consulting that I would highly recommend checking out.

Below is the presentation from Stevie to the group, along with the Q&A that he did with the coaches in attendance.

Please join us for our next FREE webinar, on 'Tactical Analysis with a Limited Budget' on Monday, March 15 (4pm EST, 9pm UK time) . Limited spots are available. Please click here to register.

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