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Sanjeev Parmar - Focusing on the Player in Youth Development

Earlier this week we were on the MSC Podcast joined by Sanjeev Parmar, a youth development expert who runs Futuro Soccer Academy in Ottawa, Canada. He has a very unique approach and philosophy around development and talks about the following:

- Training exercises that engage the players - Being competitive without focusing on result - Importance of physical training alongside technical - Educating parents in the process

And much more. You can watch the full interview below. You can also download the podcast and subscribe to us on iTunes here.

We have teamed up with Wildkard for this podcast. Their all-in-one app empowers coaches to manage your team or club, plus create social engagement directly with players. Your team can stay connected beyond game-time with blazingly-fast features like chat, virtual challenges, game recaps, and profiles. They've recently launched club management so you can easily manage hundreds of teams, delegate responsibility, and communicate with everyone in your club simply. If you sign-up for the summer and fall season with Wildkard, you will get it for FREE. Click here to find out more information.

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