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Raymond Verhiejen: Competence Precedes Consciousness

Yesterday we were joined by Director of World Football Academy, Raymond Verheijen. I had obviously heard a lot about Raymond's work from a number of coaches, and have read some of his work, so I was keen to get him on for an interview, particularly given the fact that many coaches will be returning to training with their teams around this time and looking to make up for 'lost ground'. Having watched Raymond's webinars over the lockdown, I also wanted to get his perspective on "Competence Precedes Consciousness" and advice for coaches on how to facilitate this into their environment. Last, but certainly not least, I really wanted to get his perspective on the coaching community and how we can educate coaches more effectively. Raymond certainly has strong views, majority of which I agree with, about coach self-awareness, consistency of standards, and how we are consuming information. However, does it also create a situation where fear and stress have a negative impact on memory and learning? I would argue that it does. George E.P. Box once famously said "All models are wrong but some are useful" and I think Raymond does an excellent job in challenging how we think about the game and our roles in it.

You can watch the full replay here:

We have teamed up with CoachTechSoccer for this interview. They are an analysis centered platform who offer online courses in opposition scouting and post-game analysis. Designed by professional coaches, scouts and analysts, their courses have been successfully educating youth, college and professional coaches for the last 3 years.  Get 20% off any CoachTech courses using the code ‘MSC20' up until July 14th. 

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