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Rade Tanaskovic: Phases of GK Development in Youth Game

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Chicago Red Stars (NWSL) Goalkeeper Coach, Rade Tanaskovic, joined us to present on the phases of GK development in the youth game, as well as sharing his experience at the professional and youth levels. Alongside his work at the senior level, Rade is a director of goalkeeping at a youth club and the onus of his presentation was how goalkeepers can add more planning and structure around the technical sessions. We've had a few great presentations on goalkeeping during the lockdown and a consistent message was how the goalkeeper must be incorporated in every aspect of the program. I thought Rade's presentation was a great insight into how you can add and enhance this away from training sessions, both in the preparation and review process. We all know it's a complex position, so establishing a framework to help and guide the young goalkeeper, along with the staff, is a very important process.

You can watch the a free trial of the presentation below. You can watch the full webinar as well as getting access to TWENTY THREE webinars that we did during the Lockdown by clicking here.

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