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Plamen Pantev - Coaching and Networking

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Earlier this week, Plamen Pantev was our guest on the MSC Live Webinar, where he presented on Coaching and Networking. It's a topic that I get a lot of messages about per week from young coaches: how do you find people who are willing to help you get experience and feedback? What are the best ways to build your reputation? Which social media platforms are most effective in connecting with influential coaches? Plamen gave an excellent, in-depth presentation where he shared his own journey as a foreign coach moving to the UK, the importance of creating 'your why', the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, and some very useful tips he has picked up along the way.

You can watch the a free trial of the presentation below. You can watch the full webinar as well as getting access to TWENTY THREE webinars that we did during the Lockdown by clicking here.

Our goal is to provide the coaching community with as much daily content as possible in these times of uncertainty. If you would like to support Modern Soccer Coach, please go to our shop and order one of our books. Coaches can get 40% off every order by using the code MSCSPECIAL at checkout. Thank you!

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